What Is Nibiru? Will the world end in October, 2017?

Many conspiracy theories had been proposed about The end of the world. And almost nothing worked out so far and still remains mystery in respected ways. I believe this isn’t such. So, What is Nibiru? What will happen in October 2017? 

Nibiru Cataclysm:

Many researchers believe that there is a huge chance of a disasterous event that could encounter between the Earth and Planet-X. This planet-X is also called as Nibiru. These certain people also claims that it will occur in early 21st Century. But with lack of evidence, this case still remains unsolved. 

This conceptual encounter was first proposed by Nancy Leider In 1995. She was also the founder of Zetatalk. She claimed that she was contacted by a gray extraterrestrials called Zetas, through communication in her brain. Later she founded Zetatalk to instill her ideas to the world. She believed it would occur in May 2003. Leider described that Planet-X would be four times the size of the Earth. She predicted its closest approach would be in May 27, 2003. It would result in pole shift which will be physical shift moving rather than a geometrical reversal. This caused by magnetic attraction between the Earth and Planet-X. This would also leads to displacement of Earth’s crust as well. The prediction has spread beyond Leider’s website and also been accepted by many internet doomsday groups which linked the event to 2012 Phenomenon.

After Leider, the next person to propose this idea was Mark Hazlewood, who was also a member of the Zetatalk in his book ‘Blindsided: Planet X passes in 2003′. After the date having passed without any incident, Leider said that it was Merely a, “white lie.. to fool the establishment“. She refused to tell the true date. Though she refused, many started giving their own date. One most cited date was December 21, 2012. Several writers clinged this opportunity and started publishing books regarding the encounter with 2012. After that date passed, Leider claimed that several world leaders say Barack Obama, has intended to announce the presence of nibiru near the sun on October 20, 2014. After that she seemed evasive claimed that it did not occur because of Consternation amongst the establishment. The believers of Nibiru gave different names (Herocolumbus, Nemesis, Sedna or Eris, Tyche, Comet Flemin, Comet ISON, Planet nine, 2016 WF9) to approaching objects over the decades. There are many people still believe that Nibiru/Planet-X is enroute to Earth.

We are Cleared. Aren’t We? Wait.. So What’s with October, 2017 Now?

According to Researcher, David Meade. The author of ‘Planet X: The 2017 Arrival’. He reckons that there’s already enough evidence to prove that Planet-x will collide with Earth in September or October this year. This will leads to collision or near a miss. The elite members are already made a wise move to survive the collision. This information is being kept in the dark away from public to avoid immediate commotion and panic. He also added that, ‘Earthquakes have increased dramatically in numbers and in intensity. Storm systems have multiplied. Heat waves are getting stronger each day and lasting longer than it’s expected’. He proposed that on 23rd September 2017, the moon appears under the feet of The constellation virgo. The next event that follows is that planet-x will fully eclipse the sun and cover the whole Earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. That is Thursday. October 5, 2017. Looks like we have found the so-called Doomsday. Don’t worry it was widely predicted to hit Earth in Dec 2015. Which didn’t occur. Many started linking this to Bible. Whatsoever. Many conspiracy theorists have predicted that there is an unseen planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru is going to destroy Earth soon. It is recently Rumored that NASA has an overwhelming evidence that proves the approach of Planet-x, which is not revealed to public for so many concerns and try to get a solution imminently.

It’s simple. Do not force the process let them happen or try to solve it. Accept the fact that there is a chance. It might happen or might not be. Appreciate the moment you still have. Be Good, Do Good. Grab a bite and sleep tight. 


Author: Sash

I'm an extremely sagacious and insanely ludicrous kid. I have this inevitable love in writing.

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