The first World Friendship day was proposed for July 30, 1958. The idea was first originated in Paraguay.

It was then celebrated in different countries in different dates. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay celebrates international friendship day on July 20. People in Peru celebrates ‘El día del Amigo‘ on first saturday of July. On April 2011, the General assembly of the United Nations declared 30th July as International Friendship day. But many countries including India, United States of America celebrating Friendship day on First Sunday of August every year. Although a city in United States called Oberlin, Ohio celebrating friendship day on 8th April.

There is no specific date to celebrate friend’s day in some countries. Some people follows women’s friendship day too. It is celebrated on third Sunday of september. Third week of May is called as old friend’s, new friend’s week.

The whole month of February is considered as international month for friends. The United Nations suggested ‘Winnie the pooh‘ as the International friendship ambassador in 1997. 

The evolution of movies and Tv shows about friendship in late 90s was also one of the biggest reason why this has become quite conventional. The birth of 20th century along with modern technologies and social media has increased the hype about friend’s day among youths to celebrate it with their beloved.

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend lot a lot of time with them, and it will change your life 

–Amy poehler


A beverage battle|Tea vs coffee

Ever since I was a child, I have had this confusion within myself in choosing what to drink. Tea or Coffee?

To be honest I drink both but it depends on occasion, time and place, and sometimes on climate. All seemed well except the day when I was asked to choose one of them. I had to compare them in order to choose the right one. There arise the question which one to pick? Of course I could’ve blindfoldedly picked one. But It doesn’t matter. Then I rushed over to Google. It’s one of the simple and debatable question all over the internet. I searched, I learned.

Okay So, for you here in this article, I’m going to give you one of the toughest job in the world. 


    About Tea:

    Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. And it’s the most popular drink. There are four major types of tea in the world (Black tea, Green tea, White tea, Oolong). They all comes from the same plant i.e sinensis. The amount of time the leaves are processed determines whether you end up with a Green tea, black tea or oolong tea. Tea contains less caffeine when compared to coffee.

    Tea bags were invented by Thomas Sullivan in 1908.

    China is the largest tea producing nation in the world. China produces an average of 1,000,130 tonnes of tea each year. China produced 1,700,000 tonnes of tea in 2013 alone.

    India stand next to china in producing 900,000 tonnes of tea each year. 

    Tea is the only beverage that can be commonly served hot or iced, anytime, anywhere and almost in every occasion.

    Tea absorbs moisture, so it is important to store the loose tea or tea bags in a sealed container. It is known that over 60% of Indians prefer tea.

    On a given day over 158 million Americans are drinking tea.

    According to Tea Association of America, U.S is the third largest importers of tea in the world after Russia and Pakistan. Tea can be found in almost 80% of all U.S householders.

    Origin Of Tea:

    It is believed to have originated in China as a Medical drink. Tea was discovered by a Chinese emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BCE. By the way, It was a complete accident. A tea leaf accidently fell into his bowl of hot water. The emperor felt a change in taste. Then the rest is history. 

    Medicinal value:

    • Human population studies have found that people who regularly consume three or more cups of Black tea per day have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. 
    • Regular consume of tea may help reduced risk of heart attack by 44%.

    A traditional English tea is served between 3 and 6 pm.

    • Green tea tend to have the highest amount of Polyphenols that it may also help with weight loss.
    • Studies have shown that teas can help to protect your teeth and heart. 

    In India, every 6 in 10 people prefer tea to coffee.

    • It is good for bones. 
    • Some communities believe that teas can help to battle cancer.

          About Coffee:

          Coffee is the second most traded commodity on Earth. There are only two types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. 70% of coffee lovers perfers Arabica. Coffee is the third most popular drink in the world. Coffee beans contains a compound called alkaloids. One most recognisable alkaloid that found in coffee bean is caffeine. Robusta is quite bitter and has twice as much caffeine than Arabica

          Brazil produces 40% of World’s coffee.

          Brazil is the largest coffee producing nation in the world. It produces 44 million bags of coffee each year. Coffee become popular in America after the Boston tea party incident. After the incident they changed from tea to coffee as a memory of freedom. U.S is the largest coffee consuming country in the world. On on average they drink about 400 million cups of coffee a day.


          Coffee was first discovered in 9th century. It is believed that during 9th century goat herders noticed the behaviour of their goats after eating coffee berries. The word coffee was originated from Arabic wordqahhwat albun‘ which was then shortened to ‘qahwa‘. The Turkish later called it as ‘kahve‘. The ditch changed it as ‘koffie‘. Then the English translated it as ‘Coffee‘. 

          There’ve been five attempts to ban coffee throughout history.

          Coffee was first banned in Mecca in 1511.

          Medicinal value: 

          • Coffee drinkers get reduced risk alzheimer’s disease
          • Some people are highly sensitive to caffeine (intake of more than 4 cups of coffee a day). This might cause them Caffeine effect. This effect lead to headaches, an upset stomach or even trouble sleep
          • There’s enough evidence that shows caffeine in coffee may help to improve memory, enhance workouts and boost concentration. This makes caffeine the most popular moodaltering drug in the world.

          In 1906, George Washington discovered instant coffee.

          • Pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to 200mg a day. 
          • People with voice disorder, singers and other voice specialists are advised not to take caffeine.
          • A research says, most writers prefer coffee much as they believe it could help them to think creatively and work actively during nights.

            The most expensive coffee in the world is called as ‘Kopi Luwak’. It costs $300 a pound.

            Some people prefer coffee. Some prefer tea. Some prefer both. Some not. Comparing them is almost petty. It’s like comparing Ronaldo and Messi, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. You can’t come to a perfect conclusion. 

            I believe whatever it is, Tea or coffee. The truth is it has it’s own legacy and history. People like them for like ages. 

            Different people, different opinion, different taste.

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            Why do you think it’s a ghost?

            Do you believe in Ghosts?

            I’m not going to question your belief. I am just gonna categorize the world based what people think about Ghosts,

            1. Ghosts are real
            2. No. They aren’t
            3. Sorry, I don’t have time to judge. I only intend to enjoy my life.

            By the way, Forget the third. They don’t fit in here.

            Some people believe in Ghosts because they believe in God. God fight against Evil. So Logically If God is alive, Evil too. Makes sense!

            Okay. Now what? Atheists? Yeah. You know what? They do fear. But they don’t show it so often. They try to fight their fear with their belief. There is no God. Duh How come ghosts? Makes sense!

            Movies are the reason why people are more freaked out. Some people love Ghosts, but only in movies. Now coming to the point. Imagine You wake up at 2 am and can’t sleep further. I’m gonna wanna ask you these questions.

            • Why would you think something is pulling your blankets? Why are you not letting your leg go out from the blanket? Are they gonna pull your leg?
            •  Why would you think it’s always a ghost that makes the sound? Why would you close your ears with hands or pillows? What will happen if you hear it? 
            • Why do you think a ghost is always watching you? Why would you think it’s following you when you walk? Why would you turn back just like it’s happening?

            A research says, People sleep peacefully in rainy season. Why do you think Ghosts are afraid of rain? 

            What makes you comfortable

            Lights? There are some people out there sleeping all night with their lights still on. Except the fact their electricity bill may haunt them later.People? You can’t always rely on someone.Religious books? Yeah they works. Because you want it to.

            The answer is very simple it’s all upto your perception of seeing it. The world is just the same place. A little mirky though. Your view is very important. You have to let go of your negative thoughts. Forget thinking about ‘Ghosts are real or not’. Don’t complicate yourself. All you need is to make sure you sleep well.

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            What Is Nibiru? Will the world end in October, 2017?

            Many conspiracy theories had been proposed about The end of the world. And almost nothing worked out so far and still remains mystery in respected ways. I believe this isn’t such. So, What is Nibiru? What will happen in October 2017? 

            Nibiru Cataclysm:

            Many researchers believe that there is a huge chance of a disasterous event that could encounter between the Earth and Planet-X. This planet-X is also called as Nibiru. These certain people also claims that it will occur in early 21st Century. But with lack of evidence, this case still remains unsolved. 

            This conceptual encounter was first proposed by Nancy Leider In 1995. She was also the founder of Zetatalk. She claimed that she was contacted by a gray extraterrestrials called Zetas, through communication in her brain. Later she founded Zetatalk to instill her ideas to the world. She believed it would occur in May 2003. Leider described that Planet-X would be four times the size of the Earth. She predicted its closest approach would be in May 27, 2003. It would result in pole shift which will be physical shift moving rather than a geometrical reversal. This caused by magnetic attraction between the Earth and Planet-X. This would also leads to displacement of Earth’s crust as well. The prediction has spread beyond Leider’s website and also been accepted by many internet doomsday groups which linked the event to 2012 Phenomenon.

            After Leider, the next person to propose this idea was Mark Hazlewood, who was also a member of the Zetatalk in his book ‘Blindsided: Planet X passes in 2003′. After the date having passed without any incident, Leider said that it was Merely a, “white lie.. to fool the establishment“. She refused to tell the true date. Though she refused, many started giving their own date. One most cited date was December 21, 2012. Several writers clinged this opportunity and started publishing books regarding the encounter with 2012. After that date passed, Leider claimed that several world leaders say Barack Obama, has intended to announce the presence of nibiru near the sun on October 20, 2014. After that she seemed evasive claimed that it did not occur because of Consternation amongst the establishment. The believers of Nibiru gave different names (Herocolumbus, Nemesis, Sedna or Eris, Tyche, Comet Flemin, Comet ISON, Planet nine, 2016 WF9) to approaching objects over the decades. There are many people still believe that Nibiru/Planet-X is enroute to Earth.

            We are Cleared. Aren’t We? Wait.. So What’s with October, 2017 Now?

            According to Researcher, David Meade. The author of ‘Planet X: The 2017 Arrival’. He reckons that there’s already enough evidence to prove that Planet-x will collide with Earth in September or October this year. This will leads to collision or near a miss. The elite members are already made a wise move to survive the collision. This information is being kept in the dark away from public to avoid immediate commotion and panic. He also added that, ‘Earthquakes have increased dramatically in numbers and in intensity. Storm systems have multiplied. Heat waves are getting stronger each day and lasting longer than it’s expected’. He proposed that on 23rd September 2017, the moon appears under the feet of The constellation virgo. The next event that follows is that planet-x will fully eclipse the sun and cover the whole Earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. That is Thursday. October 5, 2017. Looks like we have found the so-called Doomsday. Don’t worry it was widely predicted to hit Earth in Dec 2015. Which didn’t occur. Many started linking this to Bible. Whatsoever. Many conspiracy theorists have predicted that there is an unseen planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru is going to destroy Earth soon. It is recently Rumored that NASA has an overwhelming evidence that proves the approach of Planet-x, which is not revealed to public for so many concerns and try to get a solution imminently.

            It’s simple. Do not force the process let them happen or try to solve it. Accept the fact that there is a chance. It might happen or might not be. Appreciate the moment you still have. Be Good, Do Good. Grab a bite and sleep tight. 

            Illuminatism- The world of conspiracy


            In Latin, Illuminati means Enlightened. Illuminati is a secret society that was started first in Germany by a German writer ‘Adam Weishaupt’ (1748- 1830). Adam Weishaupt was a professor of canon law and practical philosophy. Illuminti was founded as Bavarian Illuninati on 1 May, 1776.

            The main aim was to Stand against the religions. They considered themselves as God- Above all. The actual character of the society was an elaborate network of spies and counter spies. They were given specific tasks to do. The interesting part is they would never know who was giving them the tasks. It was started with only few members. But later it has gained enormous followers all over the world over the years. The German writer named ‘Adolph freiherr knigge’ later joined the secret society. Adolph was considered as the most effective recruiter for the illuminati. He has got great deal of publicity during his work in Illuminati. It was rumored that he was dispelled from the society after some years. Knigge was well known in German for his book ‘Über den umgang mit menschen’. Means ‘On human relations’. After the death of Weishaupt, the order of illiminati was banned. The members were all dispersed left with no traces. It’s believed that those members spread all over the world to feature the society in large numbers. The society was broken up by German authorities after the French revolution.

            Symbols of Illuminati

            This might be quite the first thing that most people know. The most popular symbol and recognizable symbol of the Illuminati society is “The All-seeing eye on a pyramid”. 

            It is nothing but a combination of an eye floating in a capstone inside the pyramid. Over a 13 step pyramid which is unfinished. There’s quite interesting explanation why its unfinished. In simple words, The All seeing eye at the top and an unfinished pyramid at the bottom. Which literally refers to their power and popularity in the world. It also means they are watching everyone’s moves. It is also called as a Ruling eye. The all seeing eye on the pyramid was added to the back side of the great Seal of the United States and finally adopted by congress in 1782. Late president, Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 added the front and back of the seal to the one dollar bill. The eye is usually believed to be a left one. Some symbololists suggests that it might be the eye of saturn or the Horus. The all seeing eye was first seen in Thomas Jefferson’s paper in 1776. 

            It is believed that these society follows many symbols other then The All seeing eye. Some of them are,

            • Owl
            • Pyramid
            • Fire
            • Obelisks
            • Distorted cross
            • Pentagram
            • 666
            • Lightening bolts
            • Snakes
            • Eagle
            • Skulls
            • Ouroboros
            • Baphomets
            • Hand signs

            What is their plan?

            According to Dr. John Coleman, in his book “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The story of the committee of 300”, lists the ways and the wants of Illiminati and the accomplices in order to create a New World Order. 

            • The main objective is the creation of one world government with one single church to worship (obviously to them) and one single currency under their control.
            • The primary motto is to destroy every religion especially the Christian denominations. Except their religion of their Creation. 
            • To suppress all scientific development except that which serves the purpose of Illuminati.
            • To bring about the premature death of 3 billion people by the year 2050.
            • To introduce new cults and support existing ones. To take over the control of all domestic and international polices of the United States of America.
            • To take control of their education system with the goal of completely destroying it.

            It is rumoured that many public figures are accused of playing major role in Illuminati. Targets mostly popular singers like Justin Bieber, Eminem, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Drake. Actors like Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson. Sports figures like LeBron James, Michael Jordan. Figures likes Whitney Houston, Barack Obama are also likely to join the rumored list.

            It has been proved that Illuminati era was real in the past but it is rumored that this society is still exists with enormous scientific growth. Still these symbols are being used. They even have official websites now. There are millions of people still believe in this society, worshipping them and interested in knowing about their livelihood.

            Annuit cæptis

            Novus ordo seclorum

            Five ways you shouldn’t behave in a job interview

            Getting a job may sounds like a very easy thing. But it isn’t. There are some ways they expect you to behave in an interview. There are few basis they follow in selecting a candidate. Try to maintain and stick to the chain. Or Atleast try not to break it. These are the ways you shouldn’t behave in an interview inorder to get the job.
            1. Try not to be over smart: 
            Trust me. You are hearing it right. First of all if they ever see you over smart. There are chances they might not select you and give you the job. 

            That doesn’t mean you have to be dunce. There are many reasons why they do this. The important one is They hires you to work for them. Not to build you so that you’ll get a bigger job in someone else’s. This happens so often in work.
            2. Don’t speak much:

            You know something there are 75% chances to eliminate you if you speak too much. Always stick to the question they asked. To be honest, who would hire a blabbering personality? You are good to go if you are an excellent orator. But nonetheless they may consider you still as an irking machine. 

            3. Don’t be rude:

            Answer the question with a very positive posture. Even if you can’t answer it right. They may still consider you based on your behavior in a small time. Especially how you handled them. Try to be friendly. Greet them with a smile. Face them with confidence.

            4.  Watch out your dressing:

            First impression is the best impression

            It might seem like an old saying. But it’s still worth the shot. Your attire is absolutely very important here. There are figments that says People had been selected many times without being asked a single question. Yeah. Your attire is very important.

            5. Do not act:

            You are not going to a work in an advertisement, a film industry or something. Be you. Smile if you wanted to. Do not fake yourself.

            They may not like you for acting to get the job which they are facing each day. Bewilder them and show your strong side. But do not act.

            I believe this simple blog could help you to get the job exquisitely done. These are the ways you shouldn’t dare to try. Practice well in front of the mirror. Create your own style and prepare well. Wish you all luck. All the best.